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The number one mortgage mistake

Home loan loyalty is costing Australian mortgage holders a whopping $6 billion a year, according to new research from comparison site

Despite a surge in smaller lenders offering mortgage rates under 4.00%, borrowers are wasting $17 million a day by sticking with big bank lenders instead of switching to a cheaper home loan.
“The most expensive mistake the average borrower could make is sticking with the same loan over a 25 to 30 year period, says Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.
“You’re paying a lazy tax and missing out on thousands of dollars in switching savings.”
“Refinancing to a new home loan only takes a few hours and the savings that can be made are significant – it could be the easiest couple of thousand dollars you make this year.”
Want to save thousands on your home loan?

Here are Lamont’s three top tips for getting a better home loan deal:
1. Compare your rate with the best on market
“Look beyond the big four banks to find the best value. Smaller non-bank and online lenders like UBank, and Newcastle Permanent offer some of the lowest home loan rates in the market”, says Lamont.
To research the best value home loans, use a reputable comparison website like to compare home loans side by side and avoid wasted hours spent visiting each lender’s website.
2. See if you’re up for any switching costs
Once you’ve compared the best rates to find out how much you can save by switching, Lamont says the next step is to work out any costs involved in refinancing.
“You might be charged a discharge fee from your current lender or an upfront fee by the provider you’re switching to. In most cases however, the savings to be made by switching will outweigh any refinancing costs.”
3. Choose a loan with flexible features
Lamont’s last piece of advice is to create a shortlist of the types of features you would like in your new loan.
“Features like an extra repayments facility and offset account can help you to pay down your home loan faster and save even more on interest charges,” adds Lamont.
Want to see if you can save thousands on your home loan? Mozo compares more than 80 lenders to help you find the best value home loan for your needs.

Article by Rebeccah Elley