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Finding the right Real Estate Agent!

Part 1

Companies such as Sell My Castle, Open Agent and Local Agent Finder are doing a lot of TV advertising at the moment in competition with each other for your selling dollar. Every ad promises that you will find the right agent to sell your home and it won’t cost you a dollar. Well we all know you don’t get anything for free.

So how does it work?  These companies send your listing out to the agents who have signed up with them and agreed to pay them a fee.  If the agent is successful with the listing and sale, these companies then take a percentage of the sale price.


signing a doc

So the question is, ‘Are you really getting the best agent for the sale of your home, or the agent who is willing to pay for your business?’  Is it not possible that the best agents are those who do not need to pay for your listing, but operate on word of mouth?

When looking for an agent, it is always great to get feedback from people you know who have sold a home. Word of mouth is always the best so don’t be afraid to knock on the door of someone who has just sold and ask them about their experience. They’re sure to give you an honest answer.

More secrets to be revealed soon………