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Boutique Real Estate Agents in Brisbane and surrounding areas

Beyond Sales team
  have several decades of experience in Real Estate. We have extensive experience in buying, selling, investing, renovating, and developing… We know our Real Estate industry and take our responsibility to our clients very seriously… because we completely respect the finances and emotions involved in each property transaction.

At Beyond Sales we don’t believe that real estate is ‘one size fits all’. We understand that a Real Estate transaction is not about a HOUSE, it’s about the PEOPLE in the transaction. Each seller and each buyer may have a unique set of circumstances that leads them to needing a property transaction of some description.

Beyond Sales offers services tailored to each individual clients.  We have significant experience in putting together creative property real estate transactions to suit the needs of everyone we deal with.

What many people don’t realise is that most Real Estate Agents are NOT property experts. That may sound strange… but it’s a fact! They are sales people trained in one paperwork system of selling property, with strict guidelines as to what criteria a seller and a buyer must fit into… all wrapped around a price-based model with a quick commission result

If you want an experienced agent to be working for you give the Beyond Sales team a go … won’t be disappointed…….. our testimonials speak for themselves.

So whatever your property ‘problem’ or question is, call Janine on 0413 101 899.

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