About Us

Welcome to the home of Beyond Sales.

At Beyond Sales we are property solutions EXPERTS. With several decades of combined property investment experience, we understand the property industry. We have extensive experience in buying, selling, property management, renovations, vendor financing, developments… We know our industry and take our responsibility to our clients very seriously… because we completely respect the finances and emotions involved in each property transaction.

What many people don’t realise is that most Real Estate Agents are NOT property experts. That may sound strange… but it’s a fact! They are sales people trained in one paperwork system of selling property, with strict guidelines as to what criteria a seller and a buyer must fit into… all wrapped around a price-based model with a quick commission result. So property for the typical agent is just the product they sell in order to earn a living. Much like selling cars or widgets!

Similarly, most Property Managers are administrators, not Property Investors who really understand the needs and priorities, both emotional and financial, of their clients.

At Beyond Sales we don’t believe that real estate is ‘one size fits all’. We understand that a property transaction is not about a HOUSE, it’s about the PEOPLE in the transaction. Each seller, each landlord, each buyer or tenant may have a unique set of circumstances that leads them to needing a property transaction of some description.

At Beyond Sales we offer services tailored to each individual client, our sellers and landlords, and our buyers.  We have significant experience in putting together creative property solutions to suit the needs of everyone we deal with.

At Beyond Sales we put the power back in your hands. We empower you to achieve a property result that is best for you – our promise to you is that we will put YOUR needs first.

At Beyond Sales we will listen to your needs and put together whatever solution works best for you – we sell houses, we offer property management, we offer tailored sales contracts, we put together vendor finance and rent to buy agreements, we turn negatively geared investment properties into positively geared cashcows… we even buy houses, we will even sometimes put our own money into renovating properties for sale! How many real estate agents do you know who will show that commitment to a property result?!?!

We are experienced Agents who felt the frustrations of buyers and sellers so decided to create a model that serves the entire market of buyers and sellers (not just those that tick all the traditional boxes)… we are also experienced property investors who understand strategies for creating wealth in property. We are property strategy experts. We are property sales experts. We are property management experts. We ARE property experts.


So whatever your property ‘problem’ or question is, call Janine on 0413 101 899 or Heather  on 0421 235 664 today.